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in which browsers can i use google places?

Google Places uses a browser add-in to add the functionality to SuperOffice. The plug-in is based on Google Chrome, so on any OS capable of using Google Chrome you can use Google Places.

can i use google places on a apple mac?

Yes this is possible when you use Google Chrome on the Apple Mac.

i only see search results of a specific country?

To help you find the right company information, Google Places takes automatically the SuperOffice Country name displayed on the company card when you are adding a new company. If you want to search a company in a different country, just select the right country from the country list in SuperOffice.

can i search for persons?

No, Google Places has only information available on companies.

is google places gdpr compliant?

Yes, Google Places uses the same Google database as Google Maps which is GDPR compliant.

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